“Whether you love Pit Bulls or Poodles, we are all in this together” ~ Me


I’m going to admit, I’ve never been huge on following politics in my lifetime.  I’ve always ascribed to the mindset of “whatever happens, happens”.  For some reason, this election, I’ve felt my energy shift.  I’ve sat up and began to really notice, really pay attention to what is being presented as “this is how you should vote, this is how you should think, this is how you should live.”   I think it is due to all of the barnacles of my old life being scraped away.  I used to vote Republican, because as a good Mormon that is what was expected of me.   I used to be highly conservative, because my religion expected it of me.   As I grow into myself, as I get older, my views have definitely become what most would call “liberal”, as I begin truly thinking for myself and listening to my own inner voice,  I realize that the way of thinking I used to live my life by doesn’t fit my new paradigm.   This election, we actually had a Mormon as the Republican candidate, and even putting his Mormonism aside and focusing only on what I saw him do and heard him say, I could not in good conscience vote for him.  I see in Obama someone who cares about the things I care about.   Why shouldn’t everyone have  equal rights in life?   I keep so quiet about my views, I rarely share my political views with anyone for fear of backlash, but I do have a voice.   No president is ever going to be perfect, no person will ever be perfect for that matter.   I voted my conscience yesterday.  I suspect all of you did the same thing, whether you voted for Romney or Obama.  I hope that everyone weighed the pros and cons of each candidate and voted intelligently.  That is the beauty of this whole process, isn’t it?   Everyone has a voice and everyone gets a chance to use it!

Last night and today on Facebook I saw so much hatred from people with opposing views.  Republicans calling the Democrats “stupid” (and worse) for voting the way they felt true to.  Democrats wagging their fingers at Republicans, gloating at their “win”, etc.   Really?   We are adults and should be loving each other, no matter what religion we are, no matter what political way of thinking we ascribe to.   We really are all ONE, we are intelligent thinkers, we are human, we are precious.   Whether you believe in God or not, whether you feel gay people should have equal rights or not, whether you love Pit Bulls or Poodles, we are all in this together.


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