“Restlessness is me, you see, it’s hard to be safe, it’s difficult to be happy..” ~ Ane Brun


Restless.  Not feeling well, on the verge of sickness and tears.  Heartbroken over recent events.  Christmas is around the corner.  So much on my mind.  A time that should be the most joyous time of the year is now marred with death and illness.  Those poor babies in Connecticut, my heart hasn’t stopped hurting since Friday and I haven’t had a chance to really let it all out and cry.  It will be awhile before I heal from that, before everyone heals from that I think.   Now I find out that two dear people who I know through my job are both fighting cancer.  So much sadness.  Trying to focus on my family and Christmas and moving on and living life.  All we can ever really do is move on, right?   Trying to find solace and happiness in the little things, the smile and hugs of my kids, asking how their day went, potlucks at work,  my husband’s arm around my shoulder, kitty snuggles.   The little things are what make up a life, not the grand gestures, not the major life events, it’s the little things. 


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  1. Wishing you peace my friend. Remember that the one who is in control is bigger than all the trials this world throws at us. His plan is always better than ours, even if we dont understand it. It is a hard lesson, but one we need to cling to.

    May His peace that surpasses all understanding be yours today, and tomorrow, and ALL your tomorrows!

    Tami Joe

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