Looking back on life
amazed at the beauty of time
how it passes so slowly
yet in the blink of an eye.
Traversing this world
immune to the end of things
in our own mind it lasts forever.
But looking back I realize
that life is truly a circle
of beginnings and middles,
and sadly, endings too.
But what is a beginning for some
is another’s middle,
and a middle for some
is another’s end.
So when did it become my middle,
this life of mine?
Sometimes I feel it’s only the beginning
and then I see the blossoming of youth
gather around behind me, enclosed within
a dream, pushing me forward
towards the unknown.
Do I move with it as a child with arms outstretched
letting the wind gently push me,
or do I push back, head bowed,
fighting against it?
Time will move as it does, the wind moves
and the leaves do not fight against it.
The leaves enjoy their dance, the whirling upwards,
the sailing forward, until they settle on the ground
to be reborn again in the spring.
Perhaps this is my Springtime and I will be like the leaves
and fly with the wind
and see where it takes me.

Copyright © Molly Ryan 2010


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  1. Awesome lines. But i would love to do a little debate, for I believe life’s a labyrinth of reality and perception; ever changing and outliving our conceptions; to believe, to dream, to realise and to scream; all day we toil,muffled by turmoil, we fight to claim our spoils and a bit of our soil………..neverthless its my experience, but i like your version.

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